Dear parents and graduates,

1 This school year our graduates can attend programming classes FREE OF CHARGE every Saturday within the scope of Schneider Electric DMS NS Company located in Liman III. Our high performing students can apply for the scholarship of this company, which varies from EUR 100 to EUR 500 monthly, at the end of the course. Applications for the Center for the Talented can be sent through this link:

It is mandatory to indicate the name of the school E-GIMNAZIJA in the application.

2. As of March 2015 free of charge preparation lessons in Mathematics (taught at secondary school) will be organized by the school at a specific time at weekends for all graduates who wish to enroll at faculties of technical sciences. Consultations with the previous generations let us know that a significant amount of time and effort was spent in preparing Mathematics without being satisfied with the out coming knowledge and results of the entry tests.

3. All our students of the generation 95 who applied for the faculties eventually enrolled at the faculties, and over 80% of the students got enrolled at state owned faculties. Former students of the generation 94 finished the first year of their studies and started the second year of studies at their faculties.

4. Graduates are due to submit draft versions of their graduation papers by 25th April and then to submit their final versions by 10th May.


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