Dear parents,

Our school is a GENERAL GYMNASIUM, but it should be kept in mind that new generations that are coming are taught computer sciences at primary school and they spend a lot of time at their computers i.e. we have students who are computer literates and who want to use and expand that knowledge at secondary schools. We are not a gymnasium specialising in computer sciences and educating programmers and designers in such terms, but with computer science subjects, a student can manage these areas as well. All regular subjects taught at school are the same as those taught at general gymnasiums and regular classes are held in the period from 09 a.m. to 02 p.m. Young sportspeople are enrolled at this school in a sports class in our other facility intended for this purpose. Graduating from our school students manage to enrol equally well at the faculties of natural sciences, technical sciences, social sciences and of course state owned and private faculties both in the country and abroad. Students are completely ready for an academic life, and with some information technology knowledge they are ready to work on their own or to run a private business with the assistance of their parents.

The school uses largely computer sciences in classes and that distinguishes us from other schools in the region. Come and see the working conditions of teachers and students and you will see that we are right.

With reference to the additional information science subjects, it is anticipated that students can select about 10 optional subjects and sections in the field of information technology, graphic design, processing of audio and video materials, GSM technology, making of computer games, internet services and a few foreign languages. These are the subjects that are not required to be studied, but if selected, they must be studied until the end of education and do not account for the grade point average. The Information Technology Company that is the founder of the school issues certificates for these subjects that certify knowledge acquired which can be recorded into the employment booklet.

Within Physical Education, Sports Academy provides students with additional sports such as tennis and football and we take students to the swimming pool, horse-riding, to the gym and bowling.

School excursions will have an educational character and there have been excursions to Prague, Dresden, Budapest, Vienna, Rome, Venice and Trieste so far …

Location of the main facility is in a quiet part of the town, within a wider centre of Novi Sad, in 20 Radnička Street, and location of the other facility is in Novo naselje in 2 Stojana Novakovića Street.

We responsibly claim that every student can enrol at our school and easily obtain new knowledge and be ready for further obligations in life!



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