Dear students,

Here at our school in addition to the regular certificates and high school diplomas of the General Gymnasium you can also obtain the following certificates:

1. A professional certificate issued by a computing company for optional subjects taught at our school regarding the following fields:
programming, graphic design and Internet which can be recorded in the employment booklet

2. Possibility of taking tests at certified centers for Microsoft, Oracle and Adobe

3. Certificate for taking up courses at scientific-research center of Petnica

4. Certificate for attending programming or Mathematics at the center for the talented of the company Schneider Electric DMS from Novi Sad (

5. Certificate of the Red Cross for taking part in first aid projects

6. The “Vukova diploma” award if a student’s grade point average is 5.00 through the entire period of school education

7. Acclaimed student of the generation if a student is the best student of the generation

8. For the sports academy, students will have certificates for the following optional subjects:

- sports physiology
- sports psychology
- human anatomy
- healthy food, metabolism and anti-doping
- creativity and logistics in sports







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