meridiana-lSports Academy “Meridiana – E-Gimnazija” is a joint project of Sports Club “Meridiana” and Private Gymnasium “E-Gimnazija” from Novi Sad. Both institutions represent in their work an example of successful business operations both in terms of sports and education in Serbia. Pedagogical work is nourished, as well as work with talented students and every year both institutions make progress regarding work with talented students and young sportspeople.

Sports Academy “Meridiana – E-Gimnazija” spreads in the area of 12000 square meters, with 11 tennis courts and 3 pitches for minifootball with artificial grass. It was modelled on the namesake centre located in its twin town of Modena in Italy. In addition to the most modern equipped fields illuminated by 120 floodlights, Sports Academy “Meridiana – E-Gimnazija” has accommodation capacities, canteen, restaurant and modern classrooms for holding regular school classes.

Classes within the Sports Academy “Meridiana – E-Gimnazija” are adjusted to the needs of the students who are actively engaged in sports and adjusted to their practice timetables, preparations for competitions and competitions. Food is provided and is adjusted to the needs of young sportspeople (food rich in proteins, fruit, vegetables …).

Students, who reside outside Novi Sad, regardless of whether they play sports or where they attend their school classes, can find accommodation at the Sports Academy “Meridiana – E-Gimnazija”.

Enrolment of students at the Sports Academy “Meridiana – E-Gimnazija” is only possible for the generation of ’99 and younger and refers to the school year 2014/2015.

School classes in the facility of the Sports Academy “Meridiana – E-Gimnazija” can be attended by students who do not play any sports, by those who live in that part of the town and the same tuition fees apply to them as the ones that apply to the students who are educated at the facility in the centre. Sports programme, accommodation and food can also be used by students who do not attend E-Gimnazija or attend lectures at the facility of E-Gimnazija in the centre of Novi Sad.

-Expenses of the Sports Academy

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