The area of school and schoolyard is covered by a wireless high-speed Internet signal!

Location of the school is in a peaceful part of Novi Sad, in a wider town centre, in Radnička Street, with not too much traffic, but with a good communication with other parts of the town. There is a school’s hamburger shop within the area of the school, whereby students are always provided with proper and good-quality food that can be ordered before the beginning of classes to be ready for a lunch break.

Tačna lokacije škole na mapi

Students will have a CYBER-ROOM available during the day. This is where they will be able to ask questions to an on-call expert regarding computer sciences, or discuss informatics issues, adjust their laptop software, use fast Internet and new software or even try out new games.
Učionica Učionica Učionica

Classes are held according to the stipulated class timetable every day.
School classes begin at 9 a.m. Classes last 45 minutes, and the recess timetable is adjusted to the students’ needs. Our school classes and recesses are regulated by a bell schedule. Classes are held in modern furnished classrooms with new technologies available.
Teachers use a specially designed tablet PC in their classes.
Students use laptops in class as well as textbooks.

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